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Thank you to all our supporters. You may have read that the budget and commencement date are now assured. This could not have happened without the continuing interest and support from the community. The Bikeway as it is being called, will be constructed in connection with the grade separation projects occurring at Blackburn and other crossings along the rail line. This work is progressing now. See the documents page. for notes on progress.

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A report on the BHRRT was released on 19 September 2011 by the City of Whitehorse. The City commission Parsons Brinckerhoff to do the report and it is called Box Hill to Ringwood Bicycle Path Connector Feasibility Report.

You can find the link to the Council report at the top of the documents page.

Our 4000+ name petition has been presented to Parliament. Thank you to all who supported it.

Thank you to all who supported us in the petition.To keep in touch with progress, please check the VicRoads page for this project VicRoads Box Hill to Ringwood Shared User Path web page . Although delighted with the promise of the Liberals to fund the first $5 million of the trail cost, The BHRRT group continues its work to keep up the momentum for the project.

We now have a twitter account and a facebook page if you want to keep an eye on progress via those means and enlist more interested people.

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BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!    BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!    BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!  

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