BHRRT: box hill ringwood rail trail: the project

the plan

In 2010 Whitehorse Cyclists Inc. published a report into The Box Hill to Ringwood Rail Trail (BHRRT) which included the following works:

Since then City of Whitehorse engaged Parsons Brinkerhohf to make a feasibility report. Department of Transport evaluated the viability of the project and recommended it proceed, and VicRoads were tasked with building the path.

VicRoads have investigated numerous alternative routes, and are expected to announce their selected route in the near future.

The section of path from Walker Road, Nunawading to Reserve Road, Mitcham is being built in conjunction with the Mitcham Rooks Road Rail Separation Project, and will be completed in 2014. The whole of the path is due to be completed in 2016.

estimated cost

$4.96M for initial works; $2.3M extra for " the ultimate trail " with further sections on rail reserve.

reasons why the BHRRT should be built now

a little history

The BHRRT plan came out of an earlier concept called the Eastern Rail Trail documented in June 1996. Since then the infrastructure and administration of the Belgrave-Lilydale railway line has changed a great deal. A group from Whitehorse Cyclists club decided to investigate the project anew -- concentrating on continuing the very small part of the trail already in place. (A trail of about 250 metres had already been built along the north side of the rail line behind Box Hill Town Hall as part of the Eastern Rail Trail.)

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BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!    BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!    BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!  

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