Letter to The Age published March 16 2010

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Pedals without paths

TOMORROW is national Ride to School Day. But, although the benefits have been well publicised, only 10 per cent of those who take part will become regular riders. Unless the school is in the middle of suburban streets and or has a system of off-road bike paths nearby, it's too risky.

In Whitehorse, between Station Street, Box Hill, and Heatherdale Road, there are nine schools and a major TAFE college, very close to the proposed Box Hill-to-Ringwood rail trail.

Although a feasibility study is now 14 years old, nothing has been built. The proposal is still being considered by VicRoads and by VicTrack, despite the trail ticking all the boxes in the government's 2009 cycling strategy.

Commuting is not synonymous with travelling into the CBD; there is great scope within the suburbs for cycling to work, play or study. The challenge for the government is to implement its own strategy and to get this trail built. Then hopefully, by next year's Ride to School Day, more students will ride to school regularly instead of only once a year.

David Simm, Whitehorse Cyclists, Blackburn

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