BHRRT: Box Hill to Ringwood Rail Trail Project

These pages will not be maintained at this site from September 2018.

Please refer to the Metro East Bicycle User Group pages for information about the BHRRT: Box Hill to Ringwood Rail Shared User Path/Trail

These pages will not be maintained at this site from September 2018.

Please refer to the Metro East Bicycle User Group pages for information about the BHRRT: Box Hill to Ringwood Rail Shared User Path/Trail

These pages will not be maintained at this site from September 2018.

Please refer to the Metro East Bicycle User Group pages for information about the BHRRT: Box Hill to Ringwood Rail Shared User Path/Trail

April 2018

While we still wait for a solution to the Laburnum section of the trail, good things are happening at the Ringwood end.

Looking West from New Street along the rail reserve towards the proposed connection to Eastlink.

ringwood works April 2018

Looking East up Albert Street towards the existing section from Thanet St to Wantirna Rd

ringwood works April 2018

ringwood works April 2018

News January 2018

The project is now being handled by VicRoads Metro South East. The contract for the Ringwood section (Eastlink to Albert Street) has been let and work will begin January 2018. For the Box Hill section from Sagoe Lane to Middleborough Road, a contractor is soon to be engaged. At Springvale Road an additional, more direct, set of crossing lights is to be installed. No date yet known to us. The Laburnum section from Blackburn station west to Middleborough Road is still under the consideration of City of Whitehorse councillors.

News August - September 2017

VicRoads asked for submissions from residents in the Laburnum area and from the wider community concerning the treatments of the now-chosen southern route from Blackburn station to Laburnum and onwards to connect with the trail to Box Hill.

Submissions have now closed

News June-July 2017

The Cochrane Street bridge is finished. A magnificent achievement in the provision for safe riding across that dangerous street area. The path from Blackburn through to Springvale Road is now fully opened after fencing problems were addressed east of Cottage Street.

whitehorse cyclists on cochrane street bridge

View the VicRoads video on facebook of bike riders cruising along that section from Blackburn to Nunawading path.

VicRoads video of the BHRRT/Shared User Path

PS.Those video riders with the big smiles look like David Hall, David Simm and Michael Hassett, longtime cycling advocates for this excellent community facility

News May 2017

Note: this is the latest VicRoads summary of work

Since we last updated you, the Heatherdale Road Level Crossing has been removed, along with the rail services along Albert St, Ringwood. This has presented us with an opportunity to revise the path alignment to be fully off-road along Albert St. This option was not previously viable. Please read the attached document for more details.

Along with the removal of the Heatherdale Road level crossing, Blackburn Road level crossing has also been removed. The construction teams have been working hard to complete associated project works, including the portions of the Box Hill to Ringwood shared use path in the Blackburn and Heatherdale Sections. These sections will be open to the public by the end of Jun 2017 which will provide more than four kilometres of new path connections for the community to use.

We are also expecting to engage contractors and commence constructing the Box Hill and Nunawading Sections in the coming months. Local businesses and residents will be provided with updates on the construction in due course.

The design for the final section of the path in the Laburnum area it is still under review with Whitehorse Council. All of this information and more, can be found on the Box Hill to Ringwood shared use path web page. As always, please get in touch with us to discuss any aspect of the project on 9872 7000 or

Kind regards, The Box Hill to Ringwood shared use path project team. VicRoads

News March 2017

Progress is now picking up pace as the railway grade separations are in final stages of construction. An interested bystander reported to us on the site work on February 28 2017 saying "The Shared User Path bridge over the railway at the top of the hill west of Heatherdale Road is now open for public use. From the bridge, there is a great view of the deep railway cutting between Heatherdale Road and Cochrane Street, and it is possible to see the early stages of construction of the Share User Path leading each way from the new bridge. I also entered the new car park NW of the new Heatherdale Road traffic lights, from which it is possible to see the concrete Shared User Path leading west from Heatherdale. The construction gate was ajar, so I had a sneak preview of the path which rises fairly steeply to the west, with regular flats for the handicapped. I also noticed that they are constructing the embankment approaches for the Cochrane Street bridge".

Advocate David Blom adds "There is also great progress being made on the Blackburn to Nunawading section with the fencing along large sections of the path and the base getting prepared for concrete to be poured."

News December 2016

Results of various consultations in 2016 about the route of the trail from Blackburn to Laburnum can now be found at the VicRoads site for this project.

VicRoads also reports "During 2016, we received endorsement from the City of Whitehorse Council for the Box Hill and Nunawading sections, and endorsement from Maroondah City Council for the Ringwood section of the path. We have progressed concept designs for these sections and we will be advertising contracts early next year to enable completion of these sections by the end of 2017".

There is also a VicRoads update available for the Ringwood section, which includes details about the conversion of Albert Street into a one-way street to accommodate a two-way on-road bike path. The design, supported by council and the community, will save 26 trees, reduce through traffic along Albert Street and provide a high level of service for path users.

Again see this all at VicRoads page for the Box Hill to Ringwood Shared Path

News September 2016

The Heatherdale station is being built and completed from the upper levels down with the virtually completed upper levels built off site and already installed. The excavation of the cutting and shot creting of the sides is proceeding apace in preparation for the final lowering of the line at Xmas. The Shared User Path (Rail Trail BHRRT) will still contain some steep sections in excess of the Aus Rd guidelines. Work is continuing at the Cochrane St bridge with reo cages and formwork being installed for the supports.

work on cochrane street bridge

News June 2016

Whitehorse Leader 6 June 2016 attributes tree loss on private properties to the construction of the shared user path. This is completely wrong. The tree loss is because of the rail cutting excavation and the need for an access road for the piling equipment. The shared path itself has no impact on trees.

For the latest information about the progress and alignment of the trail visit the Box Hill to Ringwood bike path project update page of VicRoads . VicRoads is now in the process of constructing the Blackburn to Nunawading section.

FAQs from VicRoads about the chosen southern alignment of the path in the Blackburn and Laburnum sections.

News April 2016

Laburnum to Blackburn section

The Advocacy Group has endorsed the presentation of a proposal developed by David Hall for a separated bike lane along Laburnum Street. This proposal will be presented to VicRoads and Council in the course of developing details for the path in the Blackburn-Laburnum section.

Read David's Laburnum Street separated lanes proposal(10MB pdf file with images and illustrative material 8 pages).

Pictures of preparations in April 2016

Works at Brunswick Road preparing for the trail bridge at Cochrane Street

Preparations in the area around Oliver Avenue Oliver Avenue area pic 1

Oliver Avenue area pic 2

News 15 November 2015

VicRoads is going into the major stages of work on the Blackburn section now in January and February 2016

This will include progress on the rail trail

Information about progress is at Level Crossings web site

News 15 November 2015

Level Crossing Works at Blackburn

The first sods are being turned or in this case being sucked out from around the cables. Major ductwork and cabling works being carried out on the north side between the Oliver St crossing and Blackburn Rd.

View pictures of the VicRoads work site November 14 -15 2015 at Blackburn Road crossing.

With the recent completion of the work outside Ringwood Station, a completed section now exists in Ringwood from Albert St to Warrandyte Rd.

News September 2015

Level Crossing Removals and Enabling the Trail

VicRoads is finalising contracts for removing the level crossings at Blackburn Road and Heatherdale Road by lowering the railway lines under these roads. Associated sections of BHRP will be included in these projects. Last month VicRoads displayed drawings showing how the design of BHRP will be improved enormously by including 4 km of separated off-road path beside the railway. This is a great step forward in the design of the Box Hill to Ringwood Shared Use Path.

Blackburn Section

2.2km of path will be built along the line from Main Street, Blackburn, to Springvale Road, Nunawading, including an underpass of Blackburn Road.

Heatherdale Section

1.8 km of path will be built along the line from Creek Road, Mitcham to Eastlink, bypassing narrow Forster Street and the steep Molan Street hill. The path will pass through the Brunswick Road Linear Park, Mitcham, and over a bridge above Cochrane Street.

Comments on Station Entrance Design

Our primary concern with the VicRoads design is the potential for conflicts between railway customers and cyclists at the entrances to Blackburn and Heatherdale stations. We believe this can be resolved by separating the traffic streams as happened during the design of Mitcham station.

Pedestrians and cyclists mutually dislike the conflict that arises when their paths are forced to cross in limited spaces. People waiting for buses put their bags down and do not want to be disturbed to make way for cyclists, and cyclists do not want to stop and dismount to negotiate crowds. Sound design aims to separate such disparate flows.

We have suggested ways to minimise the conflict and will be following this up with VicRoads.

News June 2015

News 21 January 2015

sign for bhrrt

Smart signs have been erected at the Linsley Street end of the section from Linsley to Sagoe Lane Box Hill. They advertise the BHRRT and the connection to Gardiners Creek trail. Earth has been scraped off along the future path for the wide trail. Completion due in March 2015.

News 30 November 2014

The contractor has taken occupation of the site at Linsley St. This is the commencement of the construction of the Linsley to Sagoe Lane Box Hill section.

News October 2014

There are many sections of the trail still to be done. VicRoads is now considering community input from its sessions in September 2014. This input was sought on route options for the many sections of the trail not yet completed.

View VicRoads map of the sections done and planned as of October 2014. (1.7 MB pdf)

For overall information about the planning and design go to the VicRoads pages about the trail.

News August -September 2014

There are many sections of the trail still to be done. VicRoads conducted feedback sessions for community input on route options.

News July 2014

The Mitcham section of Box Hill to Ringwood trail is completed in the station area. That section was officially opened at 12.15pm on Wednesday 30 July by Ms. Dee Ryall, MP for Mitcham and by Hon. Terry Mulder, Minister for Transport.

See the youtube video

of the opening courtesy of Peter Campbell.

News April 2014

The Mitcham section of Box Hill to Ringwood trail is nearing completion with the majority of the concrete path laid. The exceptions are the east end of the path in the car park of the Mitcham Station and the winding path along the Linear Park down Brunswick Road. .

View pictures of the work near the Mitcham Station in late February 2014 and in late April 2014 at Brunswick Road looking west to Mitcham Road

work at Brunswick road work at Mitchamwork at Mitcham station

The Mitcham work includes construction of Shared User Path from Walkers Road Nunawading to Mitcham Station.

News December 2013

We are in watching mode now as work on the railway grade separation goes on at Mitcham Road.

News September 2013

Two VicRoads officers attended our September Whitehorse Cyclists meeting to describe progress on the trail.

The Victorian State Government has published a Fact Sheet on the project so far. See the release on the documents page.

News July 2013

The Mitcham rail separation project has begun. Our project is tied in with the rail works which so far involve re-design of the station and associated works.

News May 2013

$10 million dollars has been set aside for the BHRRT (now being called a Bikeway) and been announced in the Whitehorse Leader. The amount is in the Victorian government budget recently published. It is under the items for the rail grade separation projects at Rooks and Mitcham Roads. See the statements from the Whitehorse Leader page 5 on 15 May 2013 pd file

News February 2013 Consideration of the way to link Gardiners Creek trail to the train stations of Laburnum and Box Hill from Albion Road /Middleborough Roads is going on within the Dept of Transport. This trail needs to link into the future BHRRT. At our February Club Night we heard a representative discuss the options being considered.

News January 2013 Work on Gardiners Creek trail at Canterbury and Middleborough Road has been done. This trail is due to link it into the future BHRRT. We are keenly interested in the design of the grade separation projects along the Belgrave line as we want easy progress for cyclists through these areas.

News July 2012 An announcement by Victorian Acting Planning Minister Michael O'Brien on 26 July 2012 of a special grant of $1.5 million towards connectivity improvements for the trail is very welcome. View the statement on the Documents page of this site.

Our nominees continue to contribute to the Planning Working Group for the BHRRT.

View the original detailed BHRRT proposal launched by the BHRRT project team of Whitehorse Cyclists on 2 August 2010.

BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!    BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!    BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!  

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